QN5 Music
QN5 Asterisk Logo
Founded 1997
Founder(s) Tonedeff
Genre(s) Hip Hop
Country of origin United States
Official website(s)

QN5 Music is an American independent hip hop record label in New York City, headed by rapper Tonedeff. The label was founded in 1997, becoming fully active in 2000 as a record label, collective, and community. QN5 artists are frequent collaborators both together and with other artists from underground and mainstream hip hop.



  • Tonedeff
  • Kno
  • Deacon the Villain
  • Domingo
  • Kokayi



  • 2002: Asterisk: One
  • 2003: Asterisk: Two
  • 2004: Asterisk: Three
  • 2007: Asterisk: Four
  • 2008: Baby Blue for Pink

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