Artist: Brian Eno

Album: Music For Films

Appears On (Mixes): Aila.Vox.Com

Song Notes: "Music For Films" is one of Brian Eno's ambient works. Eno is perhaps my favorite musical artist of all time (although I hate picking favorites). Having said that, I've always sort of worked off the premise of never having been a huge fan of his ambient stuff. But I think I may have overlooked a lot of fantastic music. I still prefer his vocal albums, but his so-called "ambient" albums, the ones that I've heard at least, have pretty much been nothing short of fantastic. Of course there's a very wide range of these kinds of albums, but some of them - as in this case - contain a lot of tracks that can be enjoyed while actively listening (some of them, especially the longer form ones, undoubtedly work better as "background" music). This track is an example of something that I think may have fit as an instrumental on a more conventional album like "Another Green World." In a short two minutes it manages to be hypnotic, a bit strange, and ultimately beautiful....

- Aila

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