Queen II
by Queen
Released March 6, 1974
Length EMI
Producer Thomas Roy Baker

Track ListingEdit

Disc IEdit

  1. Procession (1:12)
  2. Father to Son (6:14)
  3. White Queen (As It Began) (4:33)
  4. Some Day One Day (4:21)
  5. The Loser in the End (4:01)

Disc IIEdit

  1. Ogre Battle (4:08)
  2. The Fairy Feller's MAster Stroke (2:41)
  3. Nevermore (1:17)
  4. The March of the Black Queen (6:33)
  5. Funny How Love Is (2:48)
  6. Seven Seas of Rhye (2:48)


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