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File:RCRD LBL Logo.jpg
Parent company Downtown Music LLC
Founded 2007
Founder(s) Josh Deutsch
Peter Rojas
Genre(s) Various
Country of origin United States
Location Online
Official website(s)

RCRD LBL was a website for free,[1] curated, legal MP3[2] downloads from emergent artists.

RCRD LBL was launched in 2007 by Josh Deutsch and Peter Rojas,[3] and featured thousands of free singles, remixes, exclusive tracks and rarities from a diverse, handpicked roster of artists. The site served up millions of downloads and plays per month.[4]

As of November 2013, the site has been taken down and there have been no new posts on the site's Facebook or Twitter feeds since May 2013.

Past EventsEdit

  • Smoke & Mirrors feat. Crystal Castles - September 15, 2011[5]
  • Rock-A-Way Summer II (aka. Rainy Summer!) - August 21, 2011[6]

Key PlayersEdit

  • Chairman - Josh Deutsch
  • General Manager - Terence Lam
  • Chief Marketing Officer - Doug Smiley
  • Creative Director - Elliot Aronow[8]


External linksEdit

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