Biografie Edit

RIBELLU is an artist and producer who is from corsican and polish descent, who lives part-time in Cologne and Paris. RIBELLU - means rebel and stands for always going his own way.

His music is classified as EDM and ranges amongst others from Progressive House to Electro House and Tech House.

More than 5 million views on youtube prove that his charme and unique sounds are only the beginning of something new.

Supported by Deniz Koyu, Joachim Garraud, Niels van Gogh, Sean Finn … and many more!

Diskografie Edit

Cover Track Artist Type Jahr Chartplatzierung


RIBELLU - Danse avec moi

Danse Avec Moi RIBELLU, Niels van Gogh Single 2014

RIBELLU - The Fall

The Fall RIBELLU Single 2014

RIBELLU - Sunrise

Sunrise RIBELLU Single 2014

RIBELLU - Bring The Noize

Bring the Noize RIBELLU Single 2013

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