Founded: 1998

Headquarters: New York, NY via Columbus, OH

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RJD2 is a DJ's DJ. He is not content with simply mixing 2 records together and moving in a successive order or simply putting on one beat to back an MC. He is going to mix as many possible sounds together in the absolute shortest times possible, in turn creating completely new compositions out of splices of otherwise unrelated music (in fact, I saw him play a show in NYC where he had 8 turntables set up and was using them simaltaneously). RJD2's strongest assest is his ability to make song-based tracks that easily stand on their own rather than the usual either repetitive or frantic turntable-based songs one usually hears from solo DJs. His sound is usually very lush and bright, mixing together soul, funk, hip-hop and other similar genres.

Ramble Jon Krohn, born in Oregan then relocated to Columbus, OH to be raised, got his start in the late 90s as the DJ/producer of the much acclaimed hip-hop group, Megahertz; which only had two 12", though they were released on the famed Fondle 'Em Records. Soon, after producing the debut single for Copywrite on Rawkus, RJ caught the ears of Def Jux mongul, El-P and was featured on the first Def Jux release, Def Jux Presents..., as a solo artist. In the next few years, Krohn's career took off. He released the much praised Dead Ringer, which reinvented the possibilities of the DJ/producer as a solo artist, along with teaming up with Blueprint for Soul Position. His latest release, Since We Last Spoke, saw RJD2 embrace his soulful side, by using modern production methods to create a timeless album of soul breakdowns and dirty samples.







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