Artist: Mahjongg

Date Released: March 22, 2005

Label: Cold Crush

Produced By:


  1. BBG-9298
  2. The Rrabbitt
  3. Felicity
  4. The Stubborn Horse
  5. Thegg
  6. Vaxination
  7. Cottun
  8. Hot Lava
  9. Blivable Dogggiiieeee
  10. Bismoc Ux


Off the amazing Dim Mak subsidiary label, Cold Crush, Mahjongg brings the party… well if by party you mean a group of white kids emulating their funk icons dressed in African tribal gowns making noise with every piece of musical junk they found at a flea market. Sounds fun, eh? Well it is, these quirky Midwesterners take art-punk and drop in heavy influences from funk, dub, disco, a number of different African genres and dancehall. This is their first full-length, and there already is a good amount of progression from their only EP released in early 2004. It is much tighter and song-based rather than just sprawling noise, though there is still plenty of that as well. The music is very good but the vocals need some work; they sometimes feel to mechanic and repetitive. This is definitely a win for art kids everywhere who sit around in their incense drenched apartments surrounded by homemade artwork, a wide collection of random records from the 70s and a heap of toys and rewired electronics they refer to as instruments; my kind of people. Mpardaiolo

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