Artist: Andre Afram Asmar

Date Released: 2002

Label: Mush

Produced By:


  1. Robophiloso
  2. Camelclutch
  3. Traptivity
  4. Computermammals
  5. Scientisms
  6. Stinktank
  7. Freefirezone
  8. Duniagariba
  9. Dubthesevenseas
  10. Tobealover
  11. Judgemtime
  12. Rajamalshitan
  13. Racetothebottom


This is yet another quality release by Mush Records and really a valiant effort by artist/producer Andre Afram Asmar. Racetothebottom is a fine piece of music composed of dub-influenced downtempo starring twenty-plus guests and vocalists which include, but not limited to dub pioneer, Scientist, Elias and Israel. The artists reign from all over the world including countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. Over a year in the making, the album reflects cultures, ideals and a number of musical styles. Live instruments were used to create each track, and then later manipulated and accentuated with computers, electronics and samples. On one track you’ll hear Brazilian rhythms over Western electronics and on the next you’ll hear Middle Eastern vocals over Jamaican dub. It’s really refreshing to hear this music, and it’s a gate for others who may not really understand or exposed to the cultures of these foreign countries who are so negatively presented by the media. Now is a better time than ever to embrace this album and if you haven't already, open your horizons to music outside of North America. Mpardaiolo