This is the page for the 1991 demo, for the band, see Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine
Demo album by Rage Against The Machine
Released December 1991
Recorded August - September 1991
Genre Rap-Metal, Funk Metal, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock
Length 57:51
Producer Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine chronology
Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine
In 1991, shortly after they got Brad Wilk on drums, Los Angeles rap-metal band Rage Against The Machine released a self-titled demo tape that they would sell at there earliest of live concerts. It had 12 tracks, however only 7 tracks would appear on the bands eponymous 1992 debut album. The rest would either appear as B-Sides or not be rereleased at all. The origonally artwork had a picture of newspapers and had a match taped on to the cassette case. Record company Atlantic Records recieved a copy of the tape and produced a number of the tape with new artwork, a photo of a mans face. The band appears to not really care.

Song NotesEdit

The bands name "Rage Against The Machine" was originally a song that Zach De La Rocha's old punk rock band Inside Out made. "Darkness of Greed" eventually appeared on the soundtrack for The Crow. Most songs that did not appear on the bands 1992 debut would eventually become B-Sides. The guitar riff for "The Narrows" would eventually be recycled for the track "Fistfull Of Steel" on the band's debut.

Track listingEdit

  1. Bombtrack
  2. Take The Power Back
  3. Bullet In The Head
  4. Darkness Of Greed
  5. Clear The Lane
  6. Township Rebellion
  7. Know Your Enemy
  8. Mindset's a Threat
  9. Killing In The Name
  10. The Narrows
  11. Autologic
  12. Freedom


Rage Against The Machine - Producer

  • Zach De La Rocha - Vocals
  • Tom Morello - Guitar
  • Tim Commerford - Bass
  • Brad Wilk - Drums

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