Rage Against the Machine is an American rock band from Los Angeles, consisting of rapper Zack de la Rocha, guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk. The band was one of the first to the hard rock and rap genres combined to rap. [1]

The debut album Rage Against the Machine was released in 1992, with the most famous single "Killing in the Name". The album was followed by Evil Empire (1996) andThe Battle of Los Angeles (1999). Just before the release of the cover album Renegades (2000) De la Rocha stepped from the band. The other members were playing with Chris Cornell as Audioslave. After the resignation of Cornell in 2007, Rage Against the Machine back together for a series of reunion concerts, including European performances in 2008 and 2010.

The band is known for their Socialist texts and political actions inside and outside the music. Most of the texts of De la Rocha go about political affairs. The band members turned against the capitalism frequently and offered their support of small Socialist groups. In addition it supports the music on the experimental guitar sounds of Tom Morello. [1]


[hide]*1 History


1991-1992: formation of band[Edit]Edit

After graduation Harvard University on the guitarist Tom Morello moved in 1986 from Illinois to Los Angeles with the thought to be famous in a rock band. [2He joined Lock Up, making him an album (Something Bitchin' This Way Comes from 1989) out. The album was a flop, however, and the band fell apart. In his time at Lock Up he met Brad Wilkwho unsuccessfully auditioned for the position of drummer in Lock Up. Morello sat without band but now knew exactly what he wanted: a band in which he could express his political ideas, similar to The Clash and Public Enemy. [3Meanwhile, Zack de la Rocha was the front man of Inside Out, with which he released ep No Spiritual Surrender . [2he previously played in Hard stance and along with bassist Tim Commerford, which De la Rocha knew since primary school, in Juvenile Expression. [1]

In 1990 stepped Inside Out-guitarist Victor DiCara from the band. Just tried the la Rocha the remaining band members hold together, but failed. After the break-up of Lock Up met Morello in a club De la Rocha, who was freestyling on stage with some friends. However, the sound system was so badly that Morello the texts could not understand. De la Rocha, however, any particular anger oozed out and because Morello still were wondering what he was talking about, he decided at the end to go backstage and to enter into a conversation. They got to talking and Morello flipped a while by the notebooks of De la Rocha. It showed that the two had the same political ideas. Morello was also under the impression of the poems of De la Rocha. Together they decided to start a band. Morello and Wilk called on to act as drummer De la Rocha contacted Tim Commerford was born. Around november 1991 was Rage Against the Machine set up. [2]

The band members came up with the name by Rage Against the Machine De la Rocha: in his time at Inside Out they had at that time a song called "Rage Against the Machine". [2This would also be the name of their second album, but the album never came because of the rift between the band members. [4When De la Rocha with Morello wanted to set up a new band, the choice quickly fell on Rage Against the Machine. De la Rocha told that "everything can be machine, of the police in Los Angeles that motorists out of their car and drag, to beat, to the international capitalist mechanism you get away to a mindless plant forms without really thinking about the system and from weekend to weekend lives." [4]

1992-1993: first demo and debut album[Edit]Edit

[1][2]Brad Wilk

The first concert that the band played, was in a living room in Huntington BeachOrange County. The House was from a friend of Commerford. The band only played the five-and-a-half numbers they had written at that time, but the public could appreciate it so that they had to play the songs again. [4the band members found a warehouse and used it to practice for three months. What the rise of the band was doing well, was that from the movie. Because the band members felt that there was a certain chemistry between each other, they made their own demo in 1992. It contained 12 numbers[4], including "Bullet in the Head", a single which later also got a place on the debut album. [1the tape was recorded before the songs were played live, so that they could be immediately distributed at concerts. In total, the demo sold 5,000 times. [4]

There came more attention for the band, partly because they were the support act at a concert of Porn for Pyros what the break-through for them would mean. [4The band performed during Lollapalooza II, where they were discovered by a talent manager of Epic. The band signed a contract with the record company, which as demand was that there would be total freedom in music and lyrics. [1Epic agreed and the band could begin recording their first album, while they continued touring. The band played for the first time in Europe when she along with Suicidal Tendencies to October 1992 touring. [4at the end of the year came the debut album from Rage Against the Machine . The album stayed 89 weeks in the Billboard Album Top 200. The tour to promote the album began and the band gave a few benefit concerts for Mumia Abu-JamalLeonard Peltier, the anti-Nazi League and Rock for Choice. In 1993 the band performed again during the Lollapalooza festival,[1however this time totally naked and with only a piece of duct tape on the mouth. On the body of the band members were the letters P.M.R.C. painted, as a protest against censorship in music.

1994-1997: Evil Empire[Edit]Edit

At the end of 1994, the band was pressured by Epic Records: they found that it was time for a new album. It was decided that the band members went through the winter in a house in Atlanta. The band's A & R , Michael Goldstone, wanted to evict any derivation of the band. In addition, he told that they should pick up a new album, or else but have to go apart. In Atlanta, there was much tension between the band members.The communication was bad and they were not agree on decisions. It was rehearsed every day, but in the end they left Atlanta after four weeks without a number. [5De la Rocha fled to Chiapas, and left the other band members behind. This whole incident made sure they played with each other not more than four months. [4]

They were more successful when the band went back to Los Angeles. [6They rented a room opposite one of their apartments and started there with writing songs. [4In January 1996, the band performed at the Big Day Out Festival in Australia. Material of this performance was used for the music video for "Bulls on Parade". One day before the premiere of this single appeared in the Saturday Night Liveband. That action turned out on an incident, after the band inverted American flags hung on the amplifiers. Steve Forbes present demanded, however, that the flags were removed and after refusal of the band they were put out of the property. Two days after the release of "Bulls on Parade" came the second album Evil Empire from. It came right away on the top position in the American album lists. [1]

On 20 January 1997 De la Rocha and Morello played in the debut show of Radio Free L.A., a show (hosted by Morello) that on numerous radio stations and on the internet was heard. Along with the two played Flea(Red Hot Chile Peppers) and Steven Perkins (Porno for Pyros). In addition there were political figures were interviewed and discussed issues. In the summer of 1997 the group went on tour with the hip-hop groupWu-Tang Clan, what's the most popular round of the year. [4the band Also remained politically active, with the most notable facts a performance at the benefit concert for Mumia Abu-Jamal sentenced to death and openly sympathize with the Peruvian Communist guerrilla movement shining path (Sendero Luminoso) used by, among others, the European Union is considered as terrorist. [4]

1998-2000: The Battle of Los Angeles and Renegades[Edit]Edit

In February 1998, the band recorded "No Shelter", a single which later on the soundtrack of Godzilla would come right. Writing the other numbers for the third album began in May 1998. [7after the release of "No Shelter" wanted to Morello, Commerford and Wilk immediately continue recording new songs. De la Rocha was there first negative about but to prevent a new ' Atlanta ', he voted in.[5the band popped up On 1 september 1998 the studios, to be ready within a month. [8The band went in 1999 for the first time in a year and a half back on drive, Woodstock 1999 to which they also did. [9In november 1999, a day before the release of the third album The Battle of Los Angeles, became manager Bridgette Wright fired. The band was later even more problems with managers, with the result that Gary Gersh and John Silva in 2000 were laid off. [10The Battle of Los Angeles reached the number one position and was double-platinum. [1the band also played in Mexico City, from which later the dvd The Battle of Mexico City would come out.

The band organized in 2000 together with Beastie Boys and Busta Rhymes the Rhyme and Reason Tour, which was cancelled after drummer Mike D was wounded during a bike incident. [1there were plans to bring out an album with only covers. [4This album would then be produced by Rick Rubin. The songs were recorded, but there were rumors around that De la Rocha did not want this record was released. Tensions between the band members grew and another incident aroused the anger of De la Rocha: during the MTV Video Music Awards of 2000 made Tim Commerford most talked-about moment of the evening for a five foot high to climb up on stage during the Best Video Award ceremony. [9De la Rocha left immediately from the floor to express his displeasure over Commerford. [11Commerford and his bodyguard had to spend one night in the cell. His charges were dismissed after he pleaded guilty for the incidents. [1In september 2000, there told to the media that the relationship between the band members still was good. [10on October 18, De la Rocha stated, however, that he was leaving Rage Against the Machine.

[3][4]Zack de la Rocha

[5] I think that it is now necessary to leave Rage because making decisions in the band has failed. The interests are no longer in the band, and from my perspective is that at the expense of creativity and political ideals. I am very proud of our work, as well as activists and musicians. I am both proud and grateful for everyone who was with us in solidarity and has shared this wonderful experience with us. [10

—-Zack de la Rocha


The breakdown was a confirmation for what fans already thought: there was not a good relationship between De la Rocha and the other band members. The (provisional) last two concerts of the band were held on 12 and 13 september. [9these can be seen on the dvd Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium, which was released in 2003. On 5 december, Renegades , which spawned two singles: "Renegades of Funk" and "How I Could Just Kill A Man".

2000-2007: Solo career and Audioslave[Edit]Edit

Rumors went in the press that there would be no good relationship after the split between the band members. They denied this however. Commerford claimed that he and De la Rocha frequently together went surfing, while Morello also maintained contact with him. De la Rocha started working on a solo album, but left this shooting after he along with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails could work. Together they recorded an album, but this was never released. [12along with DJ Shadow brought De la Rocha in 2003 the single "March of Death" from. This was a protest against the Iraq warand was free to download from the internet. [13]

After the departure of Zack de la Rocha wanted the remaining band members find a new lead singer for the band. The names of Rey Oropeza, B-Real and Chuck D were called. Finally decided the band Rage Against the Machine behind them. [14Rick Rubin suggested the three to ex-Soundgardenfrontman Chris Cornell-. [15They played together a session and decided to record an album and then look at where the ship would beaches. The new band Audioslave, wrote about 20 songs. One of them, "Cochoise", the first single. The debut album Audioslave was released on 19 november 2002 and became three times Platinum. At concerts by Audioslave were regularly numbers of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine played, such as "Bulls on Parade", "Killing in the Name" and "Sleep Now in the Fire".

The band reached a new milestone on May 31, 2005, when she as the first American rock band played in Cuba . [16the second album Out of Exile came on May 24, 2005 from. The band went touring extensively, including on Live 8 (Berlin). Over a year after the second album Revelations came out. After the release of this album was not toured. Chris Cornell began to focus on his solo career. Tom Morello The Nightwatchmancreated an alias,[3], with which he was going to make politically-oriented folk music. His first solo album One Man Revolution came on 24 april 2007. That same year held Morello frequent concerts, such as on Pinkpop 2007. On February 15, he made Cornell from Audioslave stepped, with which he signed the end of the band. [17]

2007–present: Reunions[Edit]Edit

[7][8]Rage Against the Machine on the Big Day Out Festival in 2008.

Even before Audioslave stopped existence in January 2007, there were reports that Rage Against the Machine would come together for a reunion concert at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California. [18a few days later, by the official website confirmed that they act as festival on 29 april 2007-valve. Morello told the media that the reunion had a political background especially: the United States were in his eyes too much in the hands of right-wing politicians cases. [19suspicions about a final return of Rage Against the Machine were stronger when Chris Cornell concluded from Audioslave to steps.

On 14 april, two weeks before Coachella, gave De la Rocha and Morello a short acoustic performance in Chicago. At that time, there was a protest going for rights in the fast foodindustry. [20Later, there are still three performances scheduled at the Rock The Bells Festival, that took place in New York and California). Flobots the Wu-Tang Clan on. the band called these concerts a protest against the Bushadministration. During the Coachella concert, the band played the song Wake Up, with a tirade of Zack de la Rocha in the direction of the u.s. Government. He stated that "If the US Presidents would receive the same penalties as the Nazis after the Second World War, every president fromTruman hung and should be executed like any war criminal deserves. The current cabinet is no exception. " [21the texts of De la Rocha great consternation in the media and the public.

On 24 August, the band played for the first time in seven years a private concert in East TroyWisconsin with Queens of the Stone Age as for program. In 2008 the band went through with rows: in January and February some concerts were held in Japan and Australia. [7there were also performances in Europe Gradually confirmed. On May 30, kicked off on this European tour Rage Against the Machine the Electric Festival in Getafe, two days later followed by a place like headliner on Pinkpop 2008. [22that summer were also among other things the Rock am Ringand Rock im Park festival and the Reading and Leeds Festivals done to them. There were also private concerts, such as on June 2 in the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. [7Rumors about new material was in december by Morello denied: "There are now no plans for. The performances of the last year and a half were great and I see no reason not to give even more performances. The point is that every day but has a certain number of musical hours and mine are currently very busy. " [23]

Just before Christmas of 2009 in the United Kingdom on the internet was a campaign organized to "Killing in the Name" as ' Christmas Number One ' to get in the UK Singles Chart . This is to prevent an X Factor for the fifth consecutive year-winner on one would ended up (in this case Joe McEldery). [24on december 20, obtained the number indeed the top position by selling 500,000 singles. [25To the word kept the band in June a free performance at London's Finsbury Park. [26in the same month, Rage Against the Machine also appeared on Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. [27]


Influences and techniques[Edit]Edit

Rage Against the Machine was one of the first bands to the genres combined hard rock and rap to rap. [1in his youth, De la Rocha listened much to the Sex Pistols and Bad Religion. These artists were a reason for him to play guitar . As De la Rocha grew older, he became more interested the hardcore punk of Minor Threatand Bad Brains , Teen Idles. [2Morello played guitar as a child because he wanted to play after a number of KISS , but only started to practice seriously after he listened to the Sex Pistols. [28Commerford was in his youth, influenced by hip hop and jazz. His favorite artists were Cypress Hill and N.w.a.. [29Wilk had as biggest influences Led Zeppelin (and especially drummer John Bonham), James BrownGeorge Clinton and Sex Pistols. [30one of the artists who was the Dutch artists like the road for the band Urban Dance Squad.[31the debut album Rage Against the Machine was a combination between rap, hardcore, jazz and funk. [32according to Rolling Stone, Rage Against the Machine "the foundations for the aggressive rock and rap-combination and went with it in the late 1990s against teen music and hip-hop." There resulted bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit. [1Also Muse has stated to have Rage Against the Machine as an influence, with singer/guitarist Matt Bellamy who calls his favorite band Rage Against the Machine and Tom Morello as inspiration. Bellamy's guitar style is similar to that of Morello. He stated that Bellamy only one of the two modern guitarists is that he even remotely found interesting. [33]

[9][10]One of Morello's techniques is stroking his gitaar's audio plug over the strings.

Tom Morello is best known thanks to his unique guitar work. The magazine Rolling Stone placed Morello on place 26 in the list of 100 greatest guitarists of all time. [34his music consists of a large number of sounds most of which by Morello themselves are made up. He made these sounds by yourself with the electronics in his guitars to play or by combining certain effects. His most famous is the Digitech Whammy effects pedal, thus you can or get two octaves above or below the note played. As a result, you get a little flute sound sometimes. In Know your Enemy's solos are the attached nuts good to hear. Also, killswitch-effect is well known. So does Morello by becoming a guitar element to swap between that volume to zero, giving you hear nothing, and another element that has the volume 10. He has the DJ'-sound produced, and the solo of "Bullet in the Head" and "Sleep Now In The Fire" playing. Morello's most famous guitar is the Arm the Homeless-guitar. Other guitars he uses are the Soul Power-and the Sendero Luminoso-guitar. One of the characteristics of the band is that they used no samples, keyboards and synthesizers . This is also mentioned on the albums.


Rage Against the Machine began to tour in 1992, the year in which their debut album was released. They had a reputation of explosive live band. In May 1993, the band for the first time in the Netherlands as a replacement for Alice In Chains on the Pinkpop Festival. Jan Douwe Kroeske told his experiences in EAR: "it was as if a firecracker implodes: all of a sudden had to loose everything at those guys. All there is to the show preceded the band regarded as boring and redundant; at a stroke was all that energy on that field released. " The radiated energy that the band was also taken over by the spectators: at the Pinkpop-the public nature caused shock in 1994 action by 1 on the Richter scale.

The stage of Rage Against the Machine was always decorated with your own equipment. So was often to see the EZLNflag in the background. It was also as a protest against the US Government suspended an inverted flag of the United States . During Woodstock 1999 crossed the la Rocha after "Killing in the Name" the flag for 200,000 spectators in fire. [35]

The setlist of the band consisted mostly of songs from their first three albums, later sometimes supplemented by "Renegades of Funk" and "How I Could Just Kill A Man" by Renegades. A cover was also occasionally played; in the reunion tour in 2008, the band played a version of "Clampdown", a song by The Clash. Songs like "Freedom", "Bulls on Parade" and "Killing in the Name" were almost always played during performances. In the later years was "Killing in the Name" without exception the last number. De la Rocha tried to make a speech during numbers often space about to give his political ideals. This happened mostly during "Wake Up". [36During the reunion tour in 2008 the band appeared several times on stage with orange overalls and a black bag over their heads, similar to the clothing of Guantanamo Bayprisoners. On the Reading) and Leeds festivals they played their first song "Bombtrack" in this costume, then in normal clothing continued to play. [37another recurring ritual in the reunion tour was playing the international, a propaganda song and characteristic of socialism. [36]

Political ideologies[Edit]Edit


Rage Against the Machine has a reputation in the 1990s as controversial band in terms of political actions. [38The band is known for his Socialist statements and actions. Thus they have turned against the American Government itself several times. The band, however, is not against the United States, as Morello mentions: "I am very proud that I am American. I believe that what the American corporate-controlled Government is doing, is blatantly. But in the US there is a combative culture where I'd like to want to hear. (...) There is so much where an American can be proud of, but where he knows nothing of. The courage and the audacity that the Union leaders had around 1900, is admirable. There were people who were sent overseas and fought for Uncle Sams Wall Street-wars ... but these people knew where they fought for. That is courage. "

De la Rocha is responsible for the lyrics of the songs. His lyrics always political issues such as racism, oppression and poverty. [32the single "Killing in the Name" is about racism in police forces. The sentence Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses compares De la Rocha police officers ("forces") with members of the Ku Klux Klan ("burn crosses"). [39De la Rocha takes it in his lyrics often rely on for the poorer sections of the United States and Mexico. "Down Rodeo" covers the differences between rich and poor in the USA and what the consequences would be if the poor would come in rebellion. [40the text of "Sleep Now in the Fire" probably go about being greedy. In addition, goals they among other things on the colonization of the United States and the Spaniards in the slavery in the 19th century. The band also results in criticism of some actions of the u.s. Government over the years, such as the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and the use of Agent Orange in the Viet Nam war. [41Also has Rage Against the Machine geüit criticism several times on the u.s. Government. The George w. Bush-the Cabinet was even a reason for the band to hold a reunion. This criticism is among other things to hear in "Bullet in the Head", in which De la Rocha claims that the u.s. Government the population under control by manipulation of the media. [42"Guerrilla Radio" is about the presidential election of the United States in 2000 between George w. Bush and Al Gore. It is also a statement about democracy in the United States, which would be negligible. [43]


[11][12]A RATM concert in New Orleans, where the EZLN flag on the background is visible.

In "Voice of the Voiceless"[44], "Guerrilla Radio"[45and the video clip of "Renagedes or Funk"[46the band makes references to Mumia Abu-Jamal, a Black Pantheractivist who is accused of having shot dead a police officer in 1981. He is currently an even an indefinite prison sentence. In January 1999, Rage Against the Machine organizes a benefit concert for Abu-Jamal. There was a lot of media coverage for the event and there was doubt whether the concert could find passage, but eventually approved. Artists such as Black Star, Bad Religion and give the Beastie Boys came a gig. On april 12, De la Rocha went to Geneva to protest in front of the building of the United Nations. [47On 24 april 1999 there were protests held in different international cities for Abu-Jamal. In Philadelphia were Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello also provided. [48In the list of books that the band recommends in the booklet of Evil Empire are two books of Mumia Abu-Jamal: International Terrorism and the CIA and Live From Death Row. [49On 15 January 1997 wrote a letter from prison to Abu-Jamal Rage Against the Machine and other people who have supported him. The letter is here to read.

The band, and especially De la Rocha, the EZLN, the Zapatista Army of national liberation. De la Rocha, itself half Mexican[2], is traveled to Chiapas four times the EZLN, to help in their struggle. His first time was with an observation team that had to negotiate between the EZLN and the Mexican Government. The negotiations, however, ran out of control and De la Rocha and the team had to form a human shield to prevent a confrontation. [5his second trip, in 1996, was to peace camps in La Garrucha. That same year he again went back to students, musicians and activists from Los Angeles Chiapas to show. The songs "Wind Below", "Without A Face", "Calm Like a Bomb", "War Within a Breath" and "Maria" treat the subject.Another grouping where the band fought for was Communist Party of Peru (also known as shining path), which can be seen in the music video for "Bombtrack". Also in "People of the Sun" gives the band its support for the EZLN. This number also handles topics like the destruction of the Aztec Empire by the Spaniards and the Zoot Suit Riots in 1943, which took place in Los Angeles. [50]

During shows said De la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine often before the start of the song Freedom: "it has been going on for 20 years, there is no evidence and he is still in jail." This he called to draw attention to Leonard Peltier, a member of the American Indian Movement who was convicted after the killing of two FBIagents after a shooting on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Peltier was given two life terms imposed.There is doubt as to whether the process is fair has expired and is not a political prisoner or Peltier, as Amnesty International indicates. [51Nelson Mandela and Also the European Parliament[52support Peltier. Since 6 February 1976 he sits in prison. The music video for "Freedom" contains the entire story of Peltier. [1[53On the Woodstock-festival in 1999 De la Rocha also called on to fight for the freedom of Peltier. [9]


Parents Music Resource Center[Edit]Edit

On 18 July 1993 Rage Against the Machine played on the Lollapalooza-festival in Philadelphia. There it was decided to hold a protest against the Parents Music Resource Center, a group that was founded by Tipper Gore ( Al Gore's wife) and is fighting for censorship in the music. PMRC believes that pop music (and especially rock) is causing the increase in violence in the society. The band decided to protest during the start of their performance: the members came fully nude stage suffered with only a piece of duct tape on their mouths. Were the letters PMRC painted on the bodies. Another reason to protest was the fact that De la Rocha lost his voice the day before the occurrence. [9The band members continued 14 minutes on stage. [54the first ten minutes the public supported the action. The band then started to reverse itself against the public.[55Tom Morello mentioned that the action was carried out so that the public realized that if they would not take matters into their own hands, they could not see bands like Rage Against the Machine. [11[54"it was also not intended to keep a" feel good "-protest. It was to get people to wake up in the reality that the artistic community at risk. ' " [11the band played that night any more, but to compensate the fans they played three days later a free concert. [55]

Occur Saturday Night Live 1996[Edit]Edit

On 13 april 1996 Rage Against the Machine was invited to a performance in the American show Saturday Night Live. The presenter of that evening was billionaire Steve Forbes. The band had previously turned against Forbes and wanted this show by two inverted American flags to hang for their amplifiers . The band's first attempt to hang the flags was during a the rehearsals of the episode on Thursday. The producers of Saturday Night Live demanded that the flags were removed. The reasons were that the sponsors were not happy with the action, and that the program had a tighter schedule because of Forbes. Also shared the producers that questionable lyrics in "Bullet in the Head" (with "Bulls on Parade" the two songs the band was going to play) would be censored. There was even remembered to add the whole number in the studio not to make themselves heard, because there family and friends of Forbes would be present. Just before the live broadcast were teruggehangen the flag yet again.

The band played the first song ("Bulls on Parade"). After this song came people from the band immediately called NBC to leave the property. Tim Commerford reacted furiously and stormed the dressing room of Forbes, where he showed pieces of the torn American flag. Saturday Night Live the early lack of time gave as reason of end. [56Morello later mentioned that the staff of Saturday Night Live the action and stood behind the band regretted[57]: "Rage Against the Machine wanted to do the opposite with a goofy billionaire ... by making our own position clear. (...) The inverted flags symbolise the society we call democracy as presidential elections always go between two persons come from the elite. America's freedom of expression is reversed when we can express our views not because of sponsors. Finally, it is also our way of expression against Forbes. "

Recording video clip Sleep Now in the Fire[Edit]Edit


See Sleep Now in the Fire for the main article on this topic.

The music video for "Sleep Now in the Fire" was directed by Michael Moore. The clip begins with a shot on the Wall Street-stock market with the message that different records have been broken on Monday and on Tuesday that Rage Against the Machine not on Wall Street will play (with the then Mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani in picture). [11then, to see the band on Wednesday is still on a small stage that for the main entrance of the NYSE is. As the band plays, several police officers actively to simmer down. There are plenty of people In the audience to jump on the music, including business people who work on Wall Street.During the shooting Michael Moore was an hour long detained by the police (his arrest is shown in the clip). Also had to the NYSE close its doors at 3 p.m. because there are too many people came up to see the recordings. [11]

2000 Democratic National Convention[Edit]Edit

[14][15]RATM-fans protest for the Democratic National Convention in 2000 for Abu-Jamal.

In 2000, Rage Against the Machine played a free concert during the 2000 Democratic National Convention, the event on which the Democrats chose their candidate Al Gore .The band played to protest against the two-party system. There were plans to protest in april of that year. [58the local authorities had the band first on a place fairly far from the Convention posted for the concert. The judge decided, however, that the concert and the protests could be held on a site opposite the Convention. [58the police responded by a gate of 4 meters high and more than 2000 to deploy agents (mobile unit, mounted police, engines, patrol cars and helicopters). [59]

During the concert called De la Rocha: "brothers and sisters, our freedom has been hijacked!". [58after the show gathered a group of protesters in front of the riot police, throwing stones and other projectiles. Also steel objects and ammonia went to the police. [60the police stated that the situation was disturbing the peace and closed the power off, leaving the then-emergent group Ozomatli was truncated. The Group was given 20 minutes to disperse. However, a group. It was reason for the police to use tear gas and rubber bullets. Two protesters who climbed a fence and with a black flag waved, with pepper spray were disabled. [61In total, six people have been arrested.

The Los Angeles Police Department to process after the incident received a lot of criticism. A member of the American Civil Liberties Unioncalled the action nothing more than an organized police riot.[60it was reported the needless firing on bystanders and unnecessary violence. The reaction of the police force was that it ' great ' and ' disciplined ' closure. [61De la Rocha was furious about the actions: "it makes me no matter that there is on television is said to force by the concert visitors is caused, they begin to shoot us. And that is ridiculous, since we no rubber bullets, M16's gummi bats or helmets had. " Images of the incidents can be seen on the dvd Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium.



Studio albumsEdit

Live albumsEdit



Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Rage Against The Machine 1992 05-06-1993 5 69 Gold
Evil Empire 1996 27-04-1996 4 19
The Battle of Los Angeles 1999 13-11-1999 28 6

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Killing In The Name - - - - - - - - - - - - 1454 188 94


Year Price Category Single
1996 MTV Video Music Awards Best Rock Video Bulls on Parade (nominated)
1997 Grammy Awards Best Metal Performance Tire Me (won)
1997 Grammy Awards Best Hard Rock Performance Bulls on Parade (nominated)
1997 MTV Video Music Awards Best Rock Video People of the Sun (nominated)
1998 Grammy Awards Best Hard Rock Performance People of the Sun (nominated)
1999 Grammy Awards Best Metal Performance No Shelter (nominated)
2000 MTV Video Music Awards Best Rock Video Sleep Now in the Fire (nominated)
2001 Grammy Awards Best Hard Rock Performance Guerrilla Radio (won)
2002 Grammy Awards Best Hard Rock Performance Renegades of Funk (nominated)

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