Raging Death
Raging Death
Studio album by Entrails
Released May 13, 2013
Recorded "The Crypt" recording studios
Racetrack Studios (drums)
Genre Death metal
Length 45:50
Label Metal Blade
Entrails chronology
The Tomb Awaits
Raging Death

Raging Death is the third studio album by Swedish death metal band Entrails which was released on May 13, 2013 through Metal Blade Records. It is the band's first album not to be released on F.D.A. Rekotz.[1]


Raging Death was recorded in different studios: the drum recordings took place at the Racetrack studios while the basis recordings were done at Jimmy Lundqvist’s own "The Crypt" recording studios. The album was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.

The band comments on the album:

This is the perfect next step for ENTRAILS. A massive stench of death, right in your face! ‘Raging Death’ as a title suited the album as a whole, since it’s pure death metal without mercy!

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "In Pieces"   4:48
2. "Carved to the Bone"   4:30
3. "Bloodhammer"   5:12
4. "Headless Dawn"   4:24
5. "Cadaverous Stench"   5:56
6. "Descend to the Beyond"   5:01
7. "Death League"   3:58
8. "Chained and Dragged"   4:23
9. "Defleshed"   2:14
10. "The Cemetery Horrors"   5:24
Total length:


  • Jocke Svensson - Bass, Vocals
  • Adde Mitroulis - Drums, Vocals
  • Jimmy Lundqvist - Guitars
  • Matte Nilsson - Guitars
Guest musicians
  • Dan Swanö, Jörgen Sandström, Rogga Johansson and Kam Lee - Guest vocals on "Death League"
  • Tobbe Ander - Lead guitar on "In Pieces"
  • Dan Swanö - Mixing, Mastering
  • Jimmy Lundqvist - Logo, Mixing, Mastering (bonus cd)
  • MLI Foto - Photography
  • Daniel Devilish - Cover art, Artwork
  • Benny Moberg - Layout
  • Christian "Krizzz" Göllner - Logo


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