Artist: The Apples in stereo

Album: Velocity Of Sound

Appears On: Dub Club: It's Raining Again - Matt

Song Notes: This is from the most recent Apples in stereo album, Velocity of Sound. This might be my favorite Apples record—it's more electric and harder than their other records, and it really works. This is one of Hilarie Sidney's songs, and like a lot of these, has really great lyrics; "Downtown is like a slot machine" is one of my favorite song openings. Thematically, it's a little similar to "14th Street:Laura Cantrell" from the new Laura Cantrell record -- that sense of seeing someone walking around and wanting to strike up a conversation with them which would inevitably lead into dating, which would lead into getting married, having kids and dying together, but being too shy and scared to actually do so. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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