Artist: Petty Booka

Album: Singin' In The Rain

Appears On: Dub Club: It's Raining Again - Matt

Song Notes: And, well, this is probably the contender for song that will be on the most mix CDs this time around—though, hopefully I've chosen a different version! I am an unashamed fan of the Carpenters, and I came this close to putting the Carpenters' version on. (I also almost put on the Cracker version of this song!) This might be my favorite of those versions, though -- Petty Booka are a band that does alternately countrified covers or Polynesian-style covers of songs. This is one of the more Polynesian/Tiki/Carribean type songs—for an excellent country one, check out their version of "Material Girl" -- and it really works well with the song. I've never been one to really dismiss "novelty" music anyway, but this is one of the ones that's really good at working both as a joke and as a song in its own right. I really need to get more of their stuff—it's really, really good. Luckily, they seem to play Seattle quite a bit, too, at least for a Japanese band! - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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