Ramblin' Jack ElliottElliot Charles Adnopoz , better known by his stage name (Brooklyn1 August 1931), is an American countryand folk singer of Jewish origin.


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Elliott first came into contact with Country & Western music when he visited as a child in Gene Autry rodeos and Madison Square Garden. At the age of 14 he ran away from home, and went hitchhiking to Washington D.C.. He joined Colonel Jim Eskew's Rodeo show where he took care of the horses and earned two dollars a day. One of the rodeo clowns wanted evening, against payment of some quarters, sometimes singing which he accompanied himself on the 5-string banjo.

His parents had meanwhile launched a search, which they distributed posters at the rodeo-events. When this came to the attention of Colonel Jim Elliott, in which he signalled the parents ' father wrote that he was proud of him, but that he also home could come to to get his high school diploma. Lost John Carruthers, one of the rodeo clowns advised: "If you git your high school diploma, you kin do anything you want. But if you don't you'll be a cowboy the rest of your days, whether you like it or not. " ("If you're school diploma picks you can be what you want. But if you don't you will continue the rest of your life, or your cowboy likes it or not ").

Collaboration with Woody Guthrie[Edit]Edit

Elliott heard on the radio for the first time the folk music of Woody Guthrie, and he decided to find him. Guthrie recovered at that time of what his doctor thought a touch of flu, but in fact an acute abdomen wasappendicitis was. Although Guthrie was surrounded by admirers was Elliott his protégé, learned singing and playing guitar, and even took Guthrie's sometimes sardonic humor about.

Elliott would travel by the United States five years along with Guthrie and action, unhindered by luggage, apart from a shaver and a guitar. Elliott made friends wherever they came, including Allen GinsbergGregory CorsoJack KerouacLawrence Ferlinghetti and Helen Parker.

In 1954 left Elliott and Guthrie to California (where many soul mates Miss McCarthy let the storm go) in an old Buick, where they met at Will Geer in Topanga Canyon. There they met and became friends with Derroll Adams where Elliott. Woody Guthrie then decided to withdraw to the North, while Adams and Elliott went further South.

Elliott held there quite a rugged life, with lots of drink and women. He got to know James Dean through his ex-girlfriend June Elliott first woman would be later, and still later the first road manager for a Britishpopgroepje starting: The Rolling Stones.


Elliott went to the United Kingdom with June, where skiffle groups were in attendance, including the The Quarrymen (precursor to The Beatles). Elliott made the youth, with its uncomplicated music and song. Arlo Guthrie (son of Woody) would later say, "I had material for 15 minutes, and then played 30 minutes of music from my father. The rest of the program was always the works of Jack. Where I went, people said: "always great ... you know songs by Jack Elliott". ".

Elliott toured Spain and Germany and took some plates on Derroll Adams, he played together with three months at London's Blue Angel Club. Elliott then joined Italy and Greece, and again in Milan with The Platters.He was invited back from Scandinavia by Princess Margaret, and then joined for her during a private party. "She was very hip", Elliott would later say.

After a time in the us in 1958 with Cisco Houston to have occurred, but further to be more or less ignored, left Elliott again to Europe, where he worked with the WeaversPete Seeger and Jesse Fuller. Elliott left gradually the influence of Woody Guthrie and played the blues with Brownie McGhee and Big Bill Broonzy, and learned as Jimmie Rodgers YODEL . Eric Von Schmidt says: "it was as if Jack had become Woody, but when I put it Blind Lemon Jeffersons ' Black Snake Moan ' heard singing ... it was perfect ... and the Woody Guthrie imitator was dead, Jack was born".

New York[Edit]Edit

Back in New York was Elliott one of the most important interpreters of the folk music genre, a critic from the New York Times wrote: "one of the few authentic voices in American folk music" ("one of the few authentic voices in the American folk music"). He had intertwined in his own action, Woody Uganda style and because Guthrie due to the Huntington's disease could no longer occur was Elliott the best known performer of that genre. During that time he met the young Bob Dylan, who was also a great admirer of Woody Guthrie, and also a lot of his style elements had taken over. In the 1976 Elliott made by Dylan mounted Rolling Thunder Revue, along with Joan BaezRoger McGuinnKinky Friedmant-Bone BurnettMick RonsonDavid MansfieldRob StonerScarlet RiveraHowie Wyeth and Bob Neuwirth.

Later times[Edit]Edit

Ramblin' Jack Elliott brought In 1995 for the first time in 20 years a new album, under the title "South Coast". This album earned him a Grammy Award for the first time on. In 2006 , he released "I Stand Alone", on which he is joined by members of Red Hot Chile Peppers.


  • Early Sessions (1956)
  • Lost Topic Tapes: Cowes Harbour (1957)
  • Lost Topic Tapes: Isle of Wight (1957)
  • Ramblin' Jack (1957)
  • Hard Travelin' (1960)
  • Country Style/Live (1962)
  • Sings Woody Guthrie & Jimmie Rodgers/Cowboy Songs (1962)
  • Best of the Vanguard Years (1964)
  • The Essential (1964)
  • Young Brigham (1968)
  • Bull Durham Sacks and Railroad Tracks (1970)
  • Me & Bobby McGee (1968 ~ 1970)
  • Kerouac's Last Dream (1980)
  • Legends of Folk (1989)
  • South Coast (1995)
  • Friends of Mine (1998)
  • The Long Ride (1999)
  • The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack — soundtrack (2000)
  • I Stand Alone (2006)

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