Artist: Friends of Dean Martinez

Date Released: April 20, 2004

Label: Narnack

Produced By:


  1. So Well Remembered
  2. Ripcord
  3. The Winter Palace
  4. Random Harvest
  5. Dusk
  6. Why Does My Heart Go on Beating
  7. Lost Horizon
  8. Nowhere to Go


Arizona’s Friends of Dean Martinez, the southwest supergroup of sorts featuring past and present members of Giant Sand, Calexico and Naked Prey, return with and instrumental rock album that not only channels the musical spirits of the respected region, but also the arena-rock legends of the 70s including Led Zeppelin and The Doors. In my opinion, the cover art is the best representation of the music; dark and brooding rock that could easily be the soundtrack for an intimate evening overlooking the vast nothingness of the American southwest. I could easily make the comparison to The Six Parts Seven as far as style, reflective ups and downs that cause introspection within the listener, but the Friends seem to be a bit more dry and Latin-influenced, which is obviously because of their geographical influence. This is definitely worth your time. Mpardaiolo