Rare Bird was a rock band from the United Kingdom, which existed from 1969 to 1975 when their last single appeared. Their main achievement is the song Sympathy, that in itself has been covered by numerous musicians and more than 1,000,000 times over the counter went. A striking feature of the band was the fact that it had no basis in guitarist .

Rare Bird ensues as two bands blend into one. Graham Field and Dave Kaffinetti from "The Lunch" and Mark Ashton from "Turnstyle" are brought together through ads in music magazines. Steve Gould joins those gentlemen to. Turnstyle brought ever Rolling a wave from the single and played during the same period for The Nice. The manager of The Nice was Tony Stratton-Smith, the later founder of the record labelCharisma Records. Starting band Rare Bird practiced at Field at home, but was monitored by Stratton-Smith. Rare Bird eventually was one of the first bands who came to Charisma (as also GenesisLindisfarne,Van der Graaf Generator and The Nice). Rare Bird began performing in the neighborhood of Birmingham (England), but if a number of performances in the famous Marquee Club. Rare Bird began In October 1969 with the recordings of their first album. On that album also appeared Sympathy.

The base of the band consists of:

Sympathy, that only became a hit in Netherlands for "Steve Rowland & The Family Dogg" (1970) and Marillion (1992), sold in England, France and Italy well, would be more than 1,000,000 (some sources mention 2 million) copies sell. After two albums left Field and Ashton. Field founded his own band Fields on and Ashton went on to play in Headstone and later Ashton (1978/1979 and 1988). They were replaced by Ced Curtisand Paul Karas. On the third album plays Nic Potter (Van der Graaf Generator) on percussion. Fred Kelly is already member. The music moved very slowly on to the progressive rock direction witness the third album. On the fourth album seemed to be even a firm Member Nic Potter. At album number 5 is the composition changed again.

The band remained basically anywhere in the shadow of the great progressive rock bands and in 1975, the members from each other. Gould was in 1978 found in Runner, Kaffinetti in This Spinal Tap, Potter went back to play in Van der Graaf Generator.



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