Raw Novembre is a rock music group from Ireland.

Biography Edit

Started in the late 80s, Raw Novembre released their first full length album, disturbed, in 1993. Their 2nd full length was completed in November 1995. Described as many things including punk, gothic, metal and indie, Raw Novembre created their own sound which was both intense and hard edged. Their last gig was in 1997 and their final release was a track on the "Rock Music" compilation of various Irish artists in 1996. They continued to record between 1997 and 2000 and a final album, My Bones, will be released in early 2007 featuring a selection of songs from the past and 6 previously unreleased tracks.



  • My Bones (due early 2007)
  • Come In, We're Open (1995)
  • Disturbed (1993)

Singles and EPsEdit

  • He Is Dead EP (1994)
  • "The Execution" / "Nothingness" (1993)
  • "All The Animals" / "Stutter" (1992)

External linksEdit

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