Full Name: Harry Warnow

Born: September 10, 1908 – February 8, 1994

Home: Brooklyn, NY

Website Link(s): Official Site


  • Piano
  • Electronics




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One of the most unknown famous composers, you've almost certainly heard some of Raymond Scott's music -- however, you probably don't know it was Raymond Scott who wrote it. Much of his work had been appropriated (legally -- Warner Brothers bought the rights to his catalog) by Carl Stalling who re-arranged the pieces for some of his Looney Tunes scores. He's also had quite a bit of pop success in the 1940s, although most jazz purists thought of his work (erroneously) as novelty music. In the 1950s and 1960s, he started inventing electronic musical instruments and using them for commercial work. He also was hired by Motown as a producer/A&R man for a while, though it didn't work out. Unfortunately, Raymond Scott released very little of his electronic work while he was alive, because he was paranoid, primarily of people stealing his ideas and inventions and presenting them as their own. The only things he did release, the Soothing Sounds For Baby LPs, intended for infants to listen to, were very influential, and predated much of Brian Eno's ambient work. He died in 1994.





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