Re-Animated Dead Flesh
Studio album by Mortician
Released October 2004
Recorded April-June 2004 at Primitive Recording Studio
Genre Death metal, Deathgrind
Length 38:48
Label Mortician Records (Self Released)
Producer Will Rahmer
Roger J. Beaujard
Mortician chronology
Zombie Massacre Live!
Re-Animated Dead Flesh

Re-Animated Dead Flesh is the fifth full-length studio album by Mortician.[1][2]

The album was released by Mortician Records and distributed by Crash Music, making it the first Mortician studio album not released by Relapse Records.

Although, this release is banned and confiscated throughout Germany since February 2007.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Werewolves Curse" (An American Werewolf in London) 3:08
2. "Burned Alive"   0:48
3. "Bludgeoned"   1:11
4. "Marauding Savages" (The Hills Have Eyes) 2:09
5. "Skinned"   0:56
6. "Human Beasts" (Night of the Bloody Apes) 2:00
7. "Bloodsoaked Carnage"   0:49
8. "Unseen Force Of Death" (The Boogeyman) 3:36
9. "Torn Apart"   0:48
10. "Axe" (Axe!) 2:23
11. "Punishment" (Silent Night Deadly Night) 2:16
12. "ReAnimated Dead Flesh" (Re-Animator) 2:37
13. "Buzzards"   0:52
14. "Madman Marz" (Madman) 1:43
15. "Return To The Grave"   2:24
16. "Dismembered"   0:57
17. "The Dead Pit" (The Dead Pit]) 2:02
18. "Crazed For Blood"   0:49
19. "Slugs" (Slugs) 1:30
20. "Claws Of Death" (The Fat Black Pussycat) 1:04
21. "Mass Destruction"   1:28
22. "Be My Victim" (Candyman) 3:54
Total length:

The title for track #4, "Marauding Savages", is misprinted on the back cover as "Merauding Savages".


Recorded, mixed, and mastered April 2004 - June 2004 at Primitive Recordings Studio
  • Mortician - Producer, mixing, and mastering
  • Mike Hrubovcak - Artwork
  • Tom Woodard and Jeff Wolf - Photography


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