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Reanitheory is a fan-made Linkin Park album by Bryan Aimetti which combines the songs from LP's debut album Hybrid Theory with the remixes of the same songs from Reanimation. It was released in 2002. All of the songs have somewhat confusing titles, for example, the Crawling/KRWLNG track is called "Raindrops".

This was one of the earlier fan-made efforts, which wasn't able to make use of the many fan-made a capella and instrumental tracks that are on the internet now because they hadn't been created yet at that point. Even so, Reanitheory is very well put-together.

Also, it has awesome cover art that looks as good as a "real" Linkin Park album might look.

Track listings Edit

There are several conflicting track orders floating around.

Version 1 Edit

This is probably Bryan's original version.

  1. Introduce (A.06 Remix Cure For The Itch)
  2. Tomorrow (WTH>YOU Remix With You)
  3. One Thing (ENTH E ND Remix In The End)
  4. Stay Away (PLACE.4 MIE HAED Remix A Place For My Head)
  5. In The Memory (FRGT/10 Remix Forgotten)
  6. Raindrops (KRWLNG Remix Crawling)
  7. Forfeit (PTS.OF.ATHRTY Remix Point's Of Authority)
  8. Give It All Away (My<DSMBR Remix My December)
  9. Break (1stp_KLOSR Remix One Step Closer)
  10. I Can't Hold On (BY_MYSLF Remix By Myself)
  11. Open My Mind (RNW@Y Remix Runaway)
  12. Face Inside (PPR:KUT Remix Papercut)
  13. In Your Eyes (P5HNG ME A*WY Remix Pushing Me Away)

Version 2 Edit

"Version 2" is in alphabetical order. It may have been created by mistake when someone removed the track numbers from the files, or it may have been by design.

  1. Break
  2. Face Inside
  3. Forfeit
  4. Give It All Away
  5. I Can’t Hold On
  6. In The Memory
  7. In Your Eyes
  8. Introduce
  9. One Thing
  10. Open My Mind
  11. Raindrops
  12. Stay Away
  13. Tomorrow

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