Red was the last studio album from the 1970s of the progressive rock band King Crimson. It was musical a magnum opus because it all genres that the Group had gone through in the previous albums combined with the specific sounds of the earliest King Crimson albums.


[hide]*1 Numbers


  1. "Red" (Robert Fripp) – 6: 16
  2. "Fallen Angel" (Fripp, Richard Palmer-JamesJohn Wetton) – 6: 03
  3. "One More Red Nightmare" (Fripp, Wetton) – 7: 10
  4. "Providence" (Bill BrufordDavid Cross, Fripp, Wetton) – 8: 10
  5. "Starless" (Cross, Fripp, Palmer-James, Wetton) – 12: 16


King Crimson[Edit]Edit



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