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Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Leeds, UK

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Jinzena was conceived from the ashes of various Indie and Rock bands scattered around Yorkshire and Cheshire. They formed at the tail end of 2004 intent on making music to swing your pants to. They are now based in Leeds U.K.

Leigh, Sanjodh and Gary met at school back in the early 90's and formed Recess (Indie Rock youngsters). Recess gigged consistently for around four or five years before disbanding in 2001 due to their new found love of House music. In 2003, Leigh met Mark and Anna at Leeds College of Music on the Production course. By mid-2004, after been stuck behind record decks for three years Leigh, Sanjodh and Gary had begun to tinker with the idea of a live act once again, at the helm of several synthesizers a broken sampler and a drum machine they quickly realised they needed more pairs of hands, welcome Anna and Marvin. A quick re-think and the exclusion of broken machinery, here they are in their current status.

In their short time together, Jinzena have played a number of buzzing and successful gigs at some of Leeds and Manchester’s most established venues. They have also succeeded in beating many other entrants to first place in Liquid magazine’s ‘Battle of the Banned 2005'. Their success in doing so has been described as "The Alka Seltzer to the modern Indie hangover".





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