Red Stripes White Lights
Eyeshine - Red Stripes White Lights
Studio album by Eyeshine
Released May 6, 2008
Genre Rock
Edge Rock
Indie Rock
Length 58:15
Language English
Label Independent
Producer John F. Bosch
Al and Cathy Reiswig
Lyrics Lyrics Wiki
Eyeshine chronology
How About That EP (2006) Red Stripes White Lights (2008) My Paper Kingdom (2009)

Red Stripes White Lights is the first full-length studio album by edge rock band Eyeshine, released on May 6, 2008. Johnny Yong Bosch unites introspective melodies with aggressive guitars to combine together some really inspired tracks.

Their debut studio album took Eyeshine on the road with singles "Here Comes The End Again" and "Not Really Good," helping them garner a cult following. The album was also on a Nationwide Campaign which featured the album on 350 radio stations.

Music VideoEdit

Eyeshine - "Here Comes The End Again" Music Video

Eyeshine - "Here Comes The End Again" Music Video

Eyeshine - "Here Comes The End Again" Music Video

Eyeshine - "Here Comes The End Again"


Track Song Writer(s) Length
1 Can't Keep Running Away Johnny Yong Bosch 4:19
2 Let You Down Johnny Yong Bosch 3:45
3 Here Comes the End Again Johnny Yong Bosch 2:37
4 Waterfall Johnny Yong Bosch 5:58
5 21st Century Overload Johnny Yong Bosch 3:32
6 Come Back Now Johnny Yong Bosch 2:18
7 Not Really Good Johnny Yong Bosch 3:54
8 You're the Reason Johnny Yong Bosch 6:37
9 Don't Bury Your Eyes Johnny Yong Bosch 3:40
10 My Something New Johnny Yong Bosch 4:21
11 Blackout Johnny Yong Bosch 3:54
12 Sunday Flower Johnny Yong Bosch 2:33
13 I'd Do Anything Johnny Yong Bosch 4:27
14 Maybe You Can Johnny Yong Bosch 4:20
15 Red Stripes White Lights Johnny Yong Bosch 2:00


All information is taken from the CD.



  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Lyrics and Melodies, Producer, Mixed "You're the Reason"
  • John F. Bosch - Producer
  • Al and Cathy Reiswig - Producers
  • Kadosh - Co-producer
  • Joey Kostner - Creative Direction
  • Ian Jensen - Design
  • Mike Sinterniklaas and Amy Bosch - Photography
  • Eyeshine - Music, Publishing, Arrangement
  • Kaos Kayda at Centerline Studios - Mixer
  • Marie Ishikawa - Engineer and Editor
  • Lisa Petersen - Violins
  • Norikio Sakaida at Tempest Sound, NYC - Master
  • Recorded at Bang Zoom Studios, Burbank, CA

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