Reef was an English rock band from Butleigh, near Glastonbury. The Group was founded in 1997 by the singer Gary Stringer, Kenwyn House guitarist, bassist Jack Bessant and drummer Dominic Greensmith. After first briefly called to have Naked , they changed their name permanently to Reef. The group is best known for its praise by the critics received the album Glow, second album. [1the group toured with Soundgarden and the Rolling Stones.

In 2003 the group apart. Stringer and Bessant went through in the new band "Them Is Me". Greensmith ended up a few years later in the group Kubb.


[hide]*1 discography



  • "The Purple Tape" 1993


  • Replenish, 1995
  • Glow, 1997
  • Rides, 1999
  • Getaway, 2000
  • Together, 2003
  • The Best Of Reef, 2008 (compilation album)


  • Reef Live

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