Remember (Walking in the Sand) is a song that was written by George Morton and was first recorded in 1964 by the American girl group The Shangri-Las.


[hide]*1 version of The Shangri-Las

Version of The Shangri-Las[Edit]Edit

Morton, an ambitious young man with vague ideas to do something in the music world in New York City , were looking for an old girlfriend, Ellie Greenwich, and was introduced to her husband, Jeff Barry. Both were already successful music producers and songwriters. Morton also boasted that he was a songwriter and Barry invited him prompt to something of his work be heard.

Morton now had to. He made an appointment with The Shangri-Las, a girl group that he had seen occur sometimes, that they would sing his song.Now the song yet. About how that came about, do different stories. According to Morton himself he put his car on the way to the studio on the side to put it in twenty minutes on paper. [1[2In the studio he made with The Shangri-Las and (again according to Morton) the then 15-year-old Billy Joel on piano a demo, which he could be heard to Barry. Who was excited about the song and both Morton as The Shangri-Las were given a contract with Red Bird Records, to which Barry and Greenwich were connected.

It is unclear how the final shot came about and what the demo is used. According to some posts took the demo more than seven minutes. [3at the time, it was impossible for a single long. In the final number goes out gradually from the sound after just over two minutes. The result was a song in each case which singer Mary Weiss alternately speaks and sings about her lover, who left is to ' the other side of the sea ' and after two years per letter lets you know that he has someone else, alternated with gloomy sounds of the piano and a little choir of the other girls, which is almost a capella singing, only accompanied by hand clapping and the sound of seagulls and breaking waves.

The plate reached the fifth place in the Billboard Hot 100 and later the 14th in the UK Singles Chart, the charts of the United Kingdom. In the 1970s , the song is re-released a few more times, becoming like back of Leader of the Pack, the biggest hit of the group.

Remember (Walking in the Sand) is also on the first lp by The Shangri-Las, which got the name Leader of the Pack , named after the number. The lp was released in February 1965.

In 1970, Buddah Records released a compilation of American songs from the early 1960s on the market under the title Incense and Oldies. A further version of Remember (Walking in the Sand) without the sound effects. [4]

The song was in 2004 by the American music magazine Rolling Stone on the 395e place in the rank list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Cover Versions[Edit]Edit

Aerosmith recorded the song for the album Night in the Ruts of 1979. The former singer of The Shangri-Las, Mary Weiss, acted as a backing vocalist. The song was also released as single and took out the 67th place in the Billboard Hot 100. It is also on the album Greatest Hits of 1980. [5[6]

Mouth & MacNeal put the song on their album How Do You Do? from 1972. [7]

The Beach Boys recorded the song for their 1992 album Summer in Paradise .

The Go-Go's brought the number in their start time regular live. A 1981 live version can be found on the album Return to the Valley of The Go-Go's from 1994.


Then in 1995 came out Free as a Bird ", a song from the estate of John Lennon that was edited by the three Beatles who then were still alive, fell many kinship with Remember (Walking in the Sand) on. parts of the text (such as the line" Whatever happened to the life that we once knew ') were almost literally retrieved. Also the melody seems. However, there is never a lawsuit about the song lined. [8]

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