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René Dif (born 17 October, 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is the male vocalist in pop-dance group Aqua.

DJ yearsEdit

René was initially a DJ in Norway and was mostly responsible for Aqua being formed, discovering female vocalist Lene Nystrøm Rasted on a cruise ship in 1994 and also bringing together Søren Rasted and Claus Norreen to complete the group. Before Aqua he released a single called "Så rykker vi (Shedet hvor det rykker)" with his first band Stop & Stop. With his second band Factual Beat he released three singles "I Believe", "Give Me Your Love" and "Anywhere". After the main group Aqua split-up in 2001 he released three solo singles, "Let It All Out (Push It)", "The Uhh Uhh Song" and "Uhh La La La".

René Dif announced on his official site that his solo album was almost finished, and Mr.Dif was working on an English movie. Fans are also excited because Rene Dif states the possibilty of an Aqua Greatest Hits on his official website.



  • "Groove Your Soul" (1995)
  • "René Dif" (2007)


  • "Så Rykker Vi (Shedet Hvor Det Rykker)" (1994)
  • "I Believe" (1995) (Produced by: Niels "sodapop" Helmark[1] and Ali Dj Aligator Movasat)
  • "Give Me Your Love" (1995)
  • "Anywhere" (1995)
  • "Let It All Out (Push It)" (2003)
  • "The Uhh Uhh Song" (2003)
  • "Uhh La La La" (2004) (written by Søren Poppe & Jan Lysdahl)
  • "Radio Ska" (2007)


  • "Bungalow" (2003) (written by Søren Poppe & Jan Lysdahl)
  • "Roomservice" (2003) (written by Søren Poppe & Jan Lysdahl)
  • "Way To Go" (2007)


  • "Afrika" (2004) (Benefic Song featuring René Dif)
  • "Come and Get ur luv" (2005) (Crystal Clear & René Dif)





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