Renaissance is an English progressive rock band. The Group was founded in 1969 by Keith Relf and Jim McCarty, both ex-Yardbirds. Two albums were recorded In different occupations.


[hide]*1 History


In the course of 1970 had all the original members left the band and were replaced by new members. Michael Dunford was asked to write the music, but initially did not participate in the live performances. He Later also at performances on stage with the acoustic guitar. John Tout took the piano and other keys for his account. Annie Haslam did audition In 1971. They responded to an ad the famous Melody Maker magazine and was adopted. Jon Camp was adopted as a bassist and Terence Sullivanon the drums. In this composition would be the most successful Renaissance and over 10 years of existence. The first album, Prologue, appeared in 1972. In 1973 the album Ashes are burning. The song on this album was the most famous song by Renaissance. Ashes are burning is also the last album of Renaissance on which the electric guitar can be heard. Because no one had that played electric guitar Renaissance itself was Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash asked the lock of Ashes are burning to play. During live performances had to replace the electric guitar with Annie Haslam vocal improvisations. Also got the others the opportunity to play improvisations during live performances of Ashes arwe burning. Known is the bass-solo from Jon Camp during the live event of Ashes are burning from 1975 which later appeared on the album Live at Carnegie Hall. The original number of 11 minutes in length of time could amount to over half an hour. In the period up to 1987 made a number of albums, Renaissance whose Ashes are Burning, Turn of the Cards and Scheherazade and other stories are the best known. The group fell apart In 1987, and Annie made some solo records.

1990 and later[Edit]Edit

In the 1990s both Haslam and Dunford guitarist formed a band called Renaissance, independently of each other and made albums. In 2000 the band together for a reunion album, Tuscany, followed by a recording of a live concert in Tokyo, Japan.


In 2010 came Annie Haslam and Michael Dunford again together for a series of concerts in America. John ToutTerence Sullivan and Jon Camp were also invited but were unable to accept the invitation. They were replaced by American musicians. Was an EP recorded In 2011. In 2012 again followed a series of concerts, including a performance at the progressive rock festival NEAR-fest in America. Renaissance also announced on a new album wanting to record and collected the necessary funding through crowdfunding.

Haslam, Dunford and Peter Gosling worked in 1981/1982 under the name Nevada.

Death Michael Dunford[Edit]Edit

Renaissance began again In november 2012 a series of concerts in America. Upon return to England Michael Dunford died unexpectedly from a brain hemorrhage. [1]


First composition (many swings)

Second composition (stable time)


(Note: the following list also includes temporary replacements and one-time contributions.)

Year Female vocals Male vocals Guitar Keys Bass Percussion
1969 – 1970 Jane Relf Keith Relf Keith Relf John Hawken Louis Cennamo Jim McCarty
Summer 1970 Terry Crowe Michael Dunford Neil Korner Terry Slade
Autumn 1970 Binky Cullom John Tout
January 1971 Annie Haslam
1971 Danny McCulloch
1971 Frank Farrell
June 1971 John Wetton
1972 Jon Camp Mick Parsons Jon Camp Terence Sullivan
1972 Rob Hendry
1973 Peter Finberg
1973 – 1979

most famous composition

Michael Dunford
1981 Peter Gosling Peter Baron
1983 Mick Taylor Gavin Harrison
1984 Raphael Rudd Greg Carter
1985 Mark Labe Charles Descarfino
1998 John Tout Roy Wood Terence Sullivan
1998 Mickey Simmonds Alex Caird
2001 Mickey Simmonds & Rave Tesar David J. Keyes
2009 – present Rave Tesar & Tom Brislin after Jason Heart Frank Pagano


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