Studio album by Rage Against The Machine
Released December 5, 2000
Genre Rap-Metal, Funk Metal, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock
Length 60:36
Language English
Label Revalation, epic
Producer Rick Ruban, Brendan O'Brien, Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine Studio album chronology
The Battle Of Los Angeles
Renegades is the first cover album and fourth Studio album by Rage Against The Machine. It was released on December 5, 2000, afew months after the band broke-up. It contains covers of The Rolling Stones, DEVO, Cypress Hill, Bob Dylan, Afrika Bambaataa, and more. The album released two singles, "Renegades Of Funk", originally by Afrika Bambaataa, and "How I Could Just Kill A Man", originally by Cypress Hill.


The cover is a parody of the famous "Love" sculpter by Robert Indiana. Instead of saying LOVE, it reads RAGE. The cover came in a verity of different colors. The booklet contains a poem and has a picture of a dollar with "You Are Not A Slave" written on it.


The original versions of the songs ranged from Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, and simply Rock. The covers are in the musical stylings of Rage Against The Machine's, which is Rap-Metal, Funk Metal, Alternative Metal and Hard Rock.


Track No. Title Original Artist Length
1 "Microphone Fiend" Eric B & Rakim 5:01
2 "Pistol Grip Pump" Volume 10 3:18
3 "Kick Out The Jams" MC5 3:11
4 "Renegades Of Funk" Afrika Bambaataa 4:35
5 "Beautiful World" DEVO 2:55
6 "I'm Housin'" EPMD 4:56
7 "In My Eyes" Minor Threat 2:54
8 "How I Could Just Kill A Man" Cypress Hill 4:04
9 "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" Bruce Springsteen 5:38
10 "Down On The Street" The Stooges 3:38
11 "Street Fighting Man" The Rolling Stones 4:42
12 "Maggie's Farm" Bob Dylan 6:54
13* "Kick Out The Jams" (Live) MC5 4:31
14* "How I Could Just Kill A Man" (Live) Cypress Hill 4:30
*Not on all versions of the album

Best Buy Bonus CDEdit

For a limited time, Best Buy sold a bonus Disc with the album that included the following:

  1. "People Of The Sun" (Live)
  2. "No Shelter" (Live)

Both of the songs would appear on the bands 2003 Live album Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium. A live version of "Kick Out The Jams" would appear on the DVD version.

Artist's ApprovalEdit

Cypress Hill approved of Rage's cover of "How I Could Just Kill A Man". They once actually played the song live with them. Infact, track 14 features two people from Cypress Hill.


  • Zach De La Rocha - Vocals
  • Tom Morello - Guitar
  • Tim Commerford - Bass
  • Brad Wilk - Drums

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