Artist: Tubeway Army

Date Released: 1979

Label: Beggars Banquet

Produced By: Gary Numan


  1. Me! I Disconnect From You
  2. Are 'Friends' Electric?
  3. The Machman
  4. Praying To The Aliens
  5. Down In The Park
  6. You Are In My Vision
  7. Replicas
  8. It Must Have Been Years
  9. When The Machines Rock
  10. I Nearly Married A Human
  11. Do You Need The Service?
  12. The Crazies
  13. Only A Downstat
  14. We Have A Technical
  15. We Are So Fragile
  16. I Nearly Married A Human 2

(Tracks 11-16 bonus tracks on CD reissue)


This is my own personal favorite Gary Numan album, and one of my favorite records of all time. Paranoid and dark, atmospheric and illustrative, just some really superb writing on here—both lyrically and musically. Gary Numan would often return to songs that illustrate a sci-fi world, but this is the most cohesive and important of these albums. If you get one Gary Numan record, get this one. (Though, after you get this one, you'll probably want the rest.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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