Resporn - Blessed Wings04:25

Resporn - Blessed Wings

Harcore metal

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Resporn music video

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Making a music video is by far one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. Getting all the people together to mosh in 5 seconds bites while pretending they are enjoying themselves is quite the challenge, especially when you aren't paying them. Resporn got together 50 of our closest friends, got 'em nicely liquored up, and then put them to work.

But before any of that happened we needed to come up with a storyline. This almost ended in murder - it took us over a year to agree on a band name, let alone trying to agree on a theme for a hardcore metal video. We eventually chose a theme, and when you watch the video try to see if you can pick it up. Hint: it follows a $20 note around as it gets into all sorts of mischief. Well, that's not so much a hint as it is a complete description.

Go to our site to check out the end result


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