Artist: The Minus 5

Date Released: 2003

Label: Yep Roc (US) / Cooking Vinyl (UK)

Produced By: Scott McCaughey & Jeff Tweedy


US Version:

  1. Retrieval Of You
  2. Lyrical Stance (I've Got A)

UK Version:

  1. Retrieval Of You
  2. I'm Not Bitter
  3. Daggers Drawn

Review: Well, the US version is awesome, because I love the A-side and "Lyrical Stance is one of my favorite tracks from At The Organ... though, that means that while it's pretty cool, it's not really essential, since both tracks are easy to find. The UK version is slightly less cool -- even though it's got 3 tracks instead of 2, and all THREE tracks are really awesome, all three tracks are also on Down With Wilco, which means that aside from the exclusive cover art on both versions (which also differs between the two singles), there's no real reason to get this. But, hey, they've both got really great songs on them! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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