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Artist: The Minus 5

Album: Down With Wilco

Appears On (Mixes): Jeff Bridges... I Don't Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!, VoVat's Mix

Song Notes: Jeff Bridges... I Don't Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!: The Minus 5 is Scott McCaughey from The Young Fresh Fellows and Peter Buck from R.E.M. plus their friends. This track comes from the album Down With Wilco which features the Minus 5 joined by Wilco. I'm not really a fan of Wilco, but this is one of the best Minus 5 albums, and this is one of the best songs from this album. I've always thought it could segue pretty well into "Western Union" by The Five Americans. In fact, if I had the mp3 of "Western Union", that would have been the next track. But I don't, so it's not. Apparently, the song is taken from an email that Jeff Tweedy sent Scott where he used the titular phrase, and Scott wrote a song about picking up a rock star from the airport, although in the song, the narrator kidnaps said star out of revenge; to the best of my knowledge, neither Scott nor Jeff Tweedy kidnapped the other. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

VoVat's Mix:  

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