Artist: Thomas Dolby

Date Released: February 1994

Label: Columbia

Produced By: Thomas Dolby / Andy Partridge


  1. Europa And The Pirate Twins 3:17
  2. Urges 3:38
  3. Leipzig 3:52
  4. Windpower 4:20
  5. Airwaves (7" version) 3:35
  6. She Blinded Me With Science 3:41
  7. One Of Our Submarines 5:12
  8. Screen Kiss
  9. Hyperactive!
  10. I Scare Myself
  11. The Flat Earth
  12. Pulp Culture
  13. Budapest By Blimp
  14. Cruel
  15. Close But No Cigar
  16. I Love You Goodbye

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