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File:Returntoinnocence4 200.jpg
File:"Return To Innocence" - Enigma

Return to Innocence begins in black and white as an old man tends to a fruit farm, plucks a fruit from a tree and bites it, before lying down on the grass and dying. The fruits then rise up back into the tree and the video now turns to colour. Then his life is shown in reverse together with his wife working and living in the countryside.

The scene then goes back until the time the couple are married at the church, they engage lovemaking in the farmhouse, to the time when to they were just young adults. The scene then goes back even further after that - the woman is now a young girl just learning how to write and the man is now a young boy, who is taking a bite a fruit. The music video then ends with the baby boy in his baptism.

During the length of the video, a white unicorn, representing innocence and purity, appears several times as it gallops in reverse. The music video was filmed in Málaga, Spain.

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