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Revolution Airwaves
Revolution Airwaves
Studio album by Eyeshine
Released July 1, 2012
Genre Rock
Edge Rock
Indie Rock
Length 41:52
Language English
Label Independent
Producer Eyeshine
Phil Brewster
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Eyeshine chronology
Sansvox (2011) Revolution Airwaves (2012)

Revolution Airwaves is the fifth major studio album by edge rock band Eyeshine, released on July 1, 2012. This is their eighth self-produced album, taking on an edgier and more aggressive sound compared to their mellower previous release, Tone of Echoes.

Prior to the album's launch, bassist Crystal Mesina left Eyeshine to accept a paid contract with Forever The Day due to her family situation.

Track ListingEdit

Track Song Writer(s) Length
1 Has Our Time Run Out Johnny Yong Bosch 3:04
2 Calling All the Angels Johnny Yong Bosch 3:25
3 Kingdoms Come and Castles Fall Johnny Yong Bosch 3:37
4 History of a Young Man Johnny Yong Bosch 3:54
5 Uneven Haloes Johnny Yong Bosch 3:17
6 Consuming Fire Johnny Yong Bosch 4:46
7 Take Me Away Johnny Yong Bosch 3:01
8 Lie, Alive Johnny Yong Bosch 2:52
9 Broken and Abused Johnny Yong Bosch 4:00
10 Ignite the Airwaves Johnny Yong Bosch 3:01
11 Forever Maurice Salmin, Johnny Yong Bosch 4:10
12 Acquiescence Johnny Yong Bosch 2:48


All information is taken from the CD.



  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Lyrics and Melodies
  • Phil Brewster - Producer
  • Kadosh - Co-producer
  • Eyeshine - Music, producer

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