Rhombus and the Trapezoids is a band formed in Massachusetts in late 2012. They encompass a multitude of genres, from garage rock to rap to avant garde. They have released four EPs via Soundcloud and their fifth, Wizzidz, is due for release soon. The band hopes to release a full length record in 2015.

The Grunchy Assholes SessionsEdit

Recorded 2013; Released March 15, 2014
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Cumbersome (First recording)"  J. Ross/J. Pollock 3:37
2. "Horrible Dissonance (Jam)"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:33
3. "Cumbersome (The after-pizza demo)"  J. Ross/J. Pollock 3:40
4. "Noises"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:08
Total length:

Too Tired To ChillEdit

Recorded April, 2014; Released April 9, 2014
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Intro"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:22
2. "Worse Romance"  S. Germanotta, N. Khayat; arr. RatT 4:38
3. "Sunshine"  J. Edwards 0:34
4. "Studio Jam"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:36
5. "Floogenshlagen"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:31
6. "Spoken Word Interlude"  S. Germanotta, N. Khayat; arr. RatT 0:23
7. "Pastime Paradise"  J. Edwards 1:28
8. "More Jams"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:14
9. "Phantom Vibrations"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 1:09
10. "Improvisation For Quartet in D12"  S. Germanotta, N. Khayat; arr. RatT 2:13
11. "Smoke Two Joints"  C. Kay, M. Kay, R. Ebert 2:29
Total length:

Stop Mocking MeEdit

Recorded in June, 2014; Released June 30, 2014
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Ode To Joy (Rock Version)"  L. Beethoven; arr. RatT 0:33
2. "Pop Tart (As Heard On Family Guy)"  S. MacFarlane, J. Sharpe, et al. 1:08
3. "You Punch It, Right"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:14
4. "What's Up (4 Non Blondes Cover)"  L. Perry 1:29
5. "Molly on the Beach (Part 1)"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:20
6. "Like Snails Up In Here (Part 2)"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:22
7. "Hidden Track (Part 3)"  J. Edwards 0:04
Total length:

Drug Abuse Resistance EducationEdit

Recorded in September, 2014; Released September 13, 2014
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "DARE Cop"  S. Carter, T. Mosley, RatT 0:30
2. "Cosmic Nine"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:38
3. "Sir Duke Jam"  S. Wonder; arr. RatT 1:06
4. "The Longest Time"  B. Joel; arr. RatT 1:32
5. "The Ghost of John"  K. Lawrence, arr. RatT 0:44
Total length:


Recorded in September-November, 2014; Released TBA
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Orange Colored Basta"  M. DeLugg/W. Stein/F. Rabe 0:39
2. "Introduction"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:11
3. "Wizzidz"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:43
4. "Boho's Flute Song"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:51
5. "Ocean State Job Lot"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 1:27
6. "You're A Wizard Harry"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 1:28
7. "Banging On Things"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 1:19
8. "Skyline (Feat. Bama Joe)"  RatT, Bama Joe 0:51
9. "Truck Day"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:42
10. "Feelin' The Music"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:41
11. "Wizzids (Reprise)"  Rhombus and the Trapezoids 0:35
Total length:

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