Rickie Lee Jones (Chicagonovember 8, 1954) is an American singer-songwriter. She scored her first and biggest hit, Chuck E's in love in 1979.

They captured a Grammy Award for her first album and partly as a result of her first albums were very successful.

After a moderate period at the end of the eighties of the last century, marred by drug addiction, she emigrated to France. Most albums were after this period little successful, partly because they are more and more experimented with music styles that erred from its initial R & B-and folkstijlen.

Jones is a multi-instrumentalist. She plays pianoguitar, among other things, banjoaccordion and she's percussionist.

Rickie Lee Jones worked together with other musicians. It operated include some contributions to the Rob Wasserman's album Duets and to the album In a Sentimental Mood (1989) by Dr. John (the song Makin' Whoopee). With that song she won her second Grammy. They also collaborated with Leo KottkeRandy Newman and Michael McDonald.

In 1990 she was part of a worldwide hit unexpectedly. An interview from her memories of her childhood in Arizona was The Orb sampled by the ambienthouseact in the hit Little fluffy clouds. Her record company wanted the single initially captivated do. However, the song Rickie found great making it came to a settlement between the record companies and The Orb of Rickie.

She was as an artist several times at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Private Life[Edit]Edit

A picture of Rickie Lee Jones appeared on the covers of the albums Foreign Affairs and Tom Waits 's Blue Valentine with whom she had a relationship around 1980. She is married to the French musician Pascal Nabet Meyer, with whom she had a daughter, Charlotte in 1988 , got. Ricky Lee Jones currently resides in Olympia, Washington in the State and is among other things, making radio programs and producing albums by other artists.


  • Rickie Lee Jones -(1979)
  • Pirates -(1981)
  • Girl at Her Volcano (12 inch ' EP)-(1983)
  • The Magazine -(1984)
  • Flying Cowboys -(1989)
  • Pop Pop -(1991)
  • Traffic From Paradise -(1993)
  • Naked Songs-Live And Acoustic -(1995)
  • Ghostyhead -(1997)
  • It's Like This -(2000)
  • Live at Red Rocks -(2001)
  • The Evening Of My Best Day -(2003)
  • Rickie Lee Jones: Duchess of Coolsville -(2005)
  • The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard -February 2007

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