Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: If it weren't already clear, I am a HUGE Barnes & Barnes fan. They're one of my favorite acts, really, and they're not really known by a whole lot of people -- or rather, they're not really known by folks outside of "Fish Heads", though that is a great song. People tend to think of them exclusively as a comedy or novelty band, which they're not. They had some great pop and New Wave classic songs that really should have been huge hit singles. So, anyway, to celebrate that, and also share the music of Barnes & Barnes with folks, I figured I'd do a best-of for some friends of mine, just so they could see the range Barnes & Barnes are capable of. Since all these tracks are by Barnes & Barnes, I figured I'd tag them all with the album they're from, just so that way you can see which ones you'd like to buy. Over time, I'll probably write notes for the various tracks, too.


  1. I Need You - Spazchow
  2. So Bold - Yeah.: The Essential Barnes & Barnes
  3. Clip Clop (Ode To Equus) - Voobaha
  4. Don't You Wanna Go To The Moon - Amazing Adult Fantasy
  5. Love Tap - Spazchow
  6. Blithering - Sicks
  7. Spanking Thru My Hard Times - Loozanteen
  8. Tunnel Walker - Yeah.: The Essential Barnes & Barnes
  9. Sewey Hole - Voobaha
  10. I Don't Remember Tomorrow - Amazing Adult Fantasy
  11. Pineapple Princess - Sicks
  12. Women Rattle Me - Spazchow
  13. Soak It Up - Kodovoner
  14. I Feel Depressed - Loozanteen
  15. De Pumped Out Blues - Voobaha
  16. Suburban Obscurity - Kodovoner
  17. If You Wanna Be Happy - Sicks
  18. Modern Romantic Point Of View - Amazing Adult Fantasy
  19. Background Boy - Loozanteen
  20. Code Of Honor - Kodovoner
  21. Passively Vicious - Spazchow
  22. Objectivity - Kodovoner
  23. Something's In The Bag - Voobaha
  24. Bang Bang - Amazing Adult Fantasy
  25. When You Die - Voobaha

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