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The River of Crime (Episodes 1–5) is a release by The Residents, originally released online as a five-episode podcast through both iTunes and Cordless Recordings' website. The Residents also sold a two-disc package of blank CD-Rs to burn the episodes and bonus material (via the Cordless site only) for those who wanted a standard audio disc. Later, Mute Records issued a standard audio CD version, without the bonus material from the Cordless release, but with instrumental versions of each of the episodes.

The River of Crime project was an attempt at a noir-style of storytelling, with each episode being a different story that involved crime in some way, with the protagonist of each being a character who "collected" crimes.

Track listing[edit]Edit

Disc 1

  1. "The Kid Who Collected Crimes!" - 16:23
  2. "Gator Hater!" - 14:55
  3. "Misdelivered Mummy!" - 15:14
  4. "The Beards!" - 17:07
  5. "Termites from Formosa!" - 16:13

Disc 2 [Bonus]

  1. "The Kid Who Collected Crimes!" [instrumental] - 9:58
  2. "Gator Hater!" [instrumental] - 9:13
  3. "Misdelivered Mummy!" [instrumental] - 8:29
  4. "The Beards!" [instrumental] - 9:52
  5. "Termites from Formosa!" [instrumental]

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