Artist: Andy Prieboy

Album: Sins Of Our Fathers

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: I recently burned a new disc for me to listen to on my way to and from work. (I'd been getting slightly sick of the old one, though it was a very good mix of albums, as it turned out.) Anyway, one of the albums burned-and-shuffled on the mp3 disc is Andy Prieboy's Sins Of Our Fathers. I actually haven't heard this album before, I'd ripped it when Aila wanted to play a cut from it on the radio show I used to do for Steve.FM, 50 Skidillion Watts Of Good Will. I really dug the track she chose ("Who Do You Think We're Coming For"), and I have been digging his work with Wall Of Voodoo lately, so I figured it'd be a safe bet that I would dig the album, AND it'd give me an excuse to finally listen to the damn thing.

SO, ANYWAY—I was on my way to work, and this song came on, and I couldn't figure out who it was—it almost had a Scissor Sisters vibe (for a minute I wondered if I'd put Ta-Dah on and forgot—by the way, I've finally come around on them, sorry I was late to that party), but I couldn't place it. I liked the really strange disco-ish feel to it, and the lyrics. I did a google search for the lyrics as soon as I arrived at work, but no dice. I'd actually _forgotten_ I'd put the Andy Prieboy album on the disc and was trying to figure it out—none of the other acts (Chumbawamba, Sufjan Stevens, Rilo Kiley, the Minus 5, Cracker) I knew I'd put on fit at all—about the closest was maaaaybe Republica, like, perhaps that one cut from the other album that I had downloaded but listened to only once or so. (Speaking of Republica, anyone catch the mention of them on this week's Venture Brothers? The Monarch claimed that when they first met, Dr. Girlfriend looked like Saffron from Republica.) But anyway, so about halfway through my busride home, another Andy Prieboy cut came on, and I realized it pretty much had to be him, but I still wanted to know what the cut WAS—and after all, if it was indeed him; the vocals didn't have his usual almost-kinda-Stan Ridgway-kind-of-sound... I suppose I could have dropped in another song by accident or somethin'. So, I got home, ran up to look, and it's this one. So, here. Enjoy this song, because I did. - Rev. Syung Myung Me  

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