Robert Lawson Craft (Kingston20 October 1923) is an American conductormusic scientist and writer. He is best known for his long lasting friendship with the composer Igor Stravinsky, which resulted in numerous music recordings and books. So he gave Stravinsky's correspondence , including that with (and by) his second wife Vera de Bosset Soudeikine.

A Dutch edition of his conversations with Stravinsky appeared under the title "Igor Strawinsky; The Chronicle of a friendship "in the series private Domain. It is a book full of contradictions, written with a polemical freshness, in which Stravinsky's erudition, humor, recalcitrance and sometimes peculiar prejudices on intriguing.


[hide]*1 book publications

Book Publications[Edit]Edit

Craft about Stravinsky[Edit]Edit

  • Conversations with Stravinsky (1959)
  • Bravo Stravinsky (1967)
  • A Stravinsky Scrapbook 1940-1971 (1971)
  • Stravinsky: Chronicle of a Friendship (1971, revised 1996)
  • Stravinsky in Pictures and Documents (1978)
  • Igor and Vera Stravinsky (1982)
  • Stravinsky: Glimpses of a Life (1992)

Stravinsky and Craft[Edit]Edit

  • Dialogues (1961)

Stravinsky by Craft[Edit]Edit

  • Stravinsky Selected Correspondence (3 vols., 1981, 1984, 1985)
  • Dearest Bubushkin: The Correspondence or Vera and Igor Stravinsky, 1921-1954

Other publications[Edit]Edit

  • Memories and Commentaries (1960)
  • Expositions and Developments (1962)
  • Dialogues and a Diary (1963)
  • Table Talk (1965)
  • Themes and Episodes (1966)
  • Retrospectives and Conclusions (1970)
  • Themes and Conclusions (1972)
  • Prejudices in Disguise (1974)
  • Current Convictions (1977)
  • Present Perspectives: Critical Writings (1984)
  • Small Craft Advisories: Critical Articles 1984-1988 (1989)
  • A Moment of Existence: Music, Literature, and the Arts 1990-1995 (1996)
  • Places: A Travel Companion For Music & Art Lovers (2000)
  • An Improbable Life: Memoirs (2002)
  • Down a Path of Wonder: Memories of Stravinsky, Schoenberg and other cultural figures (2006)

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