Founded: b. 1954

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

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Best known as half of Barnes & Barnes, Robert Haimer is also a very talented studio musician, composer and producer/engineer outside of his work with that group. He's worked on a compilation for Bread and written songs and performed with America. Since 2004, he has been self-releasing collections of his demos of pop songs for solo projects as well as Barnes & Barnes. He is also responsible for the re-issues of the Barnes & Barnes albums on Oglio, cleaning up the tapes and doing his magic to make 30 year old tapes sound as if they were recorded yesterday. (For a good example of his magic, check out "The Vomit Song" on the Voobaha reissue -- the tape was stuck together, so he had to literally bake the tape to get it to play. To listen to it on the CD, you wouldn't know there had been any problem at all.) He is also a gigantic Doors fan.





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