Robin Leonard Trower (Catford, 9 March 1945) and British guitarist, initially successful with Procol Harum and then with his own trio, the Robin Trower Band.


[hide]*1 Life


[1][2]Trower at the beginning of his solo career

Trower grew up along the coast at Southend-on-Sea in Essex. At the age of seventeen, he founded the music group The Paramounts bought on, where Gary Brookerlater backing fellow townsman. After four years (1966) the band fell apart. Trower then founded The Jam, not to be confused with The Jam, on, a band from three members, a composition that later became the trademark of Trower. Brooker had now become a band formed with the name Procol Harum and asked old friend Trower to join. Trower did this in 1967 but left the band in 1972. He was then replaced by Dave Ball and Trower focused again on the trio work. In doing so, he left the pop music and actually ended up in the blues world, in which his guitar playing showed strong resemblance with that of Jimi Hendrix. First band name was Jude with Frankie Miller (vocals),James Dewar (bass guitar) and Clive Bunker (drums), the latter was taken from Jethro Tull. It did not come to a recording, the band fell apart.

A second attempt was made under the band name Robin Trower Band, a trio consisting of Trower, Dewar and drummer Reg Isidore; It is 1973. The first three albums under the band name were produced by Matthew Fisher, ex-Procol Harum, now a long-running conflict with Brooker got about the rights of the hits by Procol Harum. These three albums, of which Bridge of Sighs (bridge of sighs) was the most famous, although showed a distinctive sound, but more often the accusation got a Trower copy of Hendrix, it would haunt him long life (musical).

Probably under the influence of the punk movement Trower tried over the years to break free from the time producing the music instead of making music. He said: "I am spending much more time and energy and effort on writing and arranging the material," he said at the time, adding "I think music today is suffering greatly from a cleanness. It's too set, too pat, too clever, there's not enough spontaneity. " It did have that his albums sold In City Dreams from less, it was his last album for which he received a golden record.. When the punk movement back on her return was, pulled his veterans on the Trower Jack Bruce (of Cream and again are old percussionists Isidore and his replacement Bill Lordan.

From then on played only for a fixed time Trower in combination with others; the composition of the group around him getting traded, old friends like Bruce came and went, but also Dave Bronze (also ex-Procol Harum) and Davey Pattison from Range for shorter or longer period played with him. In 2006 were made recordings from a gig in Bonn, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary.Recordings made by the WDR appeared both on dvd and on cdLiving out of Time: Live. In 2007, Trower back together with Bruce and came up with the album Seven Moons, now with occasional drummer Gary Husband, even though veteran.


[3][4]Trower in 2008

Trower plays from early on the Fender Stratocaster, and Fender has a signature Robin Trower guitar manufactured. [1]


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