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Originating Location: Worldwide

Originating Era: Early 50s

Key ArtistsEdit

Key AlbumsEdit

Genre Description Edit

One of the more general genres, sometimes there's just a need for a simple descriptor, and "Rock" is that, more often than not. Created through a combination of country and blues, a "rock band" is typically signified by the two guitars, bass and drums setup, with lots of energy and loudness. Distortion is often used. Rock is a genre that hasn't really died, in fact there are just as many practicioners of the genre as there has ever been; it has just been so finely criticized that the simple word, "rock," does not seem to be a good enough description anymore. In place are a wide variety of subgenres and styles of the popular trend that stretch from the manic Industrial Metal to the subtle Singer/Songwriter.

Artists in this genre Edit

Main article: List of Rock Artists

Labels in this genreEdit

Main article: List of Rock Labels


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