Artist: Evolution Control Committee

Album: Rocked By Rape single

Appears On (Mixes): Wally's Novelty Mix: She Yo-Yos Me and I Yo-Yo Her Back

Song Notes: This is a single that was almost sued out of existence by CBS. Luckily, they only pressed about 500 copies of the 7", most (or all) of which sold by the time the Cease & Desist order came down. Eventually CBS backed down, due to a bit of bad publicity over it, and the Evolution Control Committee ended up distributing the songs (including some exclusive remixes only available online) through their website (as well as via Napster through "napsterbombing", where they'd rename the file to be something like "Lost Tom Waits Song" or "The Residents - Rare!!" or occasionally making up song-titles for other, bigger artists. (I've even been tricked by that once or twice, even though I actually had the mp3 from their site beforehand and actually KNEW about this trick!). Anyway, it's a cut-up of an outtake version of AC/DC's Back In Black and a bunch of Tom Brokaw's... interesting turns of phrase. It's pretty funny. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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