Rollback is the first single off the album Self-Titled by the thrash metal/alternative metal band Anonymos. It features the song "Transporting Disaster" as the B-side.


Rollback is one of the more aggressive and "extreme" songs on Self-Titled. It clocks in at 185 beats per minute. A simplistic yet very heavy verse line plays the same note in a rhythmic pattern with a complex transition line at every four bars. The prechorus alters between two notes with a transition line transitioning between the two. The chorus consists of a quick alternation between two notes, and during the bridge, a tremolo picking section is featured. The song ends brilliantly on a rumble that lasts for thirty seconds.

Lyrical themesEdit

Rollback has a humorous lyrical theme. It tells the story of bassist Chris Poole going on the Dragster, but when it went up the hill, it didnt go up all the way, so it went back down. "...called a Rollback" says Guitarist David Poole on the theme.

Track ListingEdit

  • Rollback
  • Transporting Disaster (B-side)


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