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Artist: Kaada/Patton

Date Released: November 30, 2004


Produced By:


  1. Invocation
  2. Pitié Pour Mes Larmes
  3. Aubade
  4. Labsent
  5. Crépuscule
  6. Viens, Les Gazons Sont Verts
  7. Seule
  8. Pensée des Morts
  9. Nuit Silencieuse


Hmmm, off-the-wall, creative rock supergod Mike Patton and quirky electronica artist John Kaada collaborating for one release on a label that loves to frighten. Alright, the oddly shaped cd sleeve is covered in a muddy sea of elegant, yet frightfully painful jellyfish. OK, as I listen to 30 second portion of the album I hear choir chants, a Theremin, an accordion, a harmonica, acoustic bass, some sort of rattle, a ringing triangle, a xylophone, some sort of insect buzz and Mike Patton singing, and I quote, “la la la la la la la la.” Well sure! I can buy that. Romances is a weird, atmospheric conglomeration of Norwegian winters and sonic orgasms that could only make Patton proud. Wait! Patton just scatted, Bill Cosby style. Mpardaiolo

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