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"Roses Are Red" was the first single released by the Scandinavian dance-pop group Aqua overall, and the first UK release. This could be classed as Aqua's first release since their first release had been as JOYspeed. The track would later feature on Aqua's debut album Aquarium. It was the ninth track.

The single was released in all of the Scandinavian countries, reaching the Top 10 in each. The release was particularly successful in Denmark. Despite the song's success it was never released in the UK as one of the five releases from the Aquarium album, with songs such as "My Oh My" and "Good Morning Sunshine" being favoured. This could possibly be due to, among other things, the low-budget nature of the Roses Are Red music video.

The song is inspired in the popular poem "Roses are red", which has produced lots of satirical or humorous variations.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Roses Are Red" (Radio Version) [03:33]
  2. "Roses Are Red" [03:43]
  3. "Roses Are Red" (Extended Version) [05:58]
  4. "Roses Are Red" (Club Version) [07:00]
  5. "Roses Are Red" (Club Edit) [04:14]
  6. "Roses Are Red" (Disco 70's Mix) [03:17]
  7. "Roses Are Red" (Instrumental) [03:44]

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