Rough Draft is a rap group from San Bernardino County, California. It was ran by Exampl, head of SB Records. The group put out 2 album efforts but disbanded in December of 2007 due to complications within the group. Even though the group is no longer toghether, Exampl has confirmed he is going to get them back toghether for 2 more tracks on his new album For What It's Worth.

Tha West-SoundEdit

After signing AJG to SB Records, Exampl got a group toghether consisting of him, AJG, Ca$h & Espanto. For the first album, Raheem was a side member of the project and rumors of recruiting C-Money, Young S & TJ were underway but never completed. The album went under production shortly after filming of AJG & Exampl's video "Back Up N It Pt. 2" for their mixtape.

The first single, "Tha West-Sound", was dropped March of 2007 in order for promotion of the album dropping on April of 2007. The single recieved fairly moderate feedback and only became a buzz single while failing to chart. A video was concepted and has been confirmed that it was filmed but was never published due to the loss of the footage.

Shortly after the album dropped, Exampl had said the group had broken up only to reappear August of 2007.

An ArsenalEdit

In August of 2007, Exampl & AJG confirmed that the group was re-grouping to produce a 2nd album, An Arsenal. The 1st single, 1st Day of Skool, was released August 28th, with video, and recieved fairly well and had a buzz around the album until Exampl dropped his mainstream single "Get Um Up". A 2nd single, "Tha I.E.", was released to gain buzz for the album in November before it's release in December but fail to gain any attention.

The album went out, and while becoming the most sold product of SB Records, the album didn't garner too much attention. The group once again disbanded due to conflicts between members and in effort to focus on their debuts as solo artist.


Exampl has confirmed that Rough Draft will appear on 2 new tracks on his upcoming album For What It's Worth. They are to appear on "Pass The Mic Pt. 2" and as of right now untitled track.




Year Song Album
2007 "Tha West-Sound" Tha West-Sound
2007 "1st Day of Skool" An Arsenal
2007 "The I.E." An Arsenal

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