Rozz Rezabek-Wright (born June 4, 1960), usually Rozz Rezabek, is an American musician based in Portland, Oregon, formerly of San Francisco, California.

In the late 1970s Rezabek fronted several punk bands including San Francisco-based Negative Trend, which he formed with guitarist Craig Gray (later in Toiling Midgets) and bassist Will Shatter (later in Flipper).[1][2][3][4]

Rezabek's early 1980s New Wave band Theatre of Sheep (ToS) was popular in Portland but never made the jump to a wider audience.[5][6][7] In an attempt to escape ongoing conflicts with several women (one being Courtney Love), Rezabek moved back to San Francisco for several years.[8][9] He appeared in the documentary Kurt & Courtney, which also featured the ToS song "Pyramid's Babylon.".[10] Renewed interest in ToS later prompted a limited-edition greatest hits CD, "Old Flames."

On November 3, 2007 Rezabek performed a set of Negative Trend songs in San Francisco at a Lennon Studios benefit for Johnny Genocide. The band lineup included Bob Clic (guitar) and Rik Ficara (drums) from The Lewd and Keith Bolinger (bass) of White Noise Records. White Noise released a 1978 Rezabek solo recording, Rozz and Negative Trend: The Pop Sessions, in 1998, erroneously co-credited to Negative Trend. He continues to play occasionally with members of ToS as well as solo gigs.

In 2010 Rezabek rediscovered an old flame, Lucinda Hood, who he had briefly dated in 1988. After a short courtship, the two were married in a small ceremony on March 20, 2010 at Eugenio's in Portland. Rezabek and Hood settled in East Portland, where they own a curio shop called Area 41. Rezabek creates "Frankentiques" for the store, which are unique mixes of antiques and art, as well as designing "PunkLegends and PsychoBitches" clothing.


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